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Buzzards and bees


Think a minute…

Buzzards and bees are very different in their eating habits. Buzzards fly circling above looking for animals that are either hurt or dead. Then they swoop down to tear and feast on it until it is gone. But honeybees are the exact opposite. Honeybees only look for the good, sweet nectar as they fly from flower to flower. Buzzards produce fear, pain, and death in their feeding. But bees produce honeycombs full of sweet, nourishing honey that gives health and enjoyment to others.

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Interestingly, both buzzards and bees always find what they’re looking for! Just like a wife can usually find what she’s looking for in her husband. She sees what she wants to see: the good or the bad. So if she focuses on her husband’s faults and mistakes, she will find them. But when her husband feels that she does not respect him, maybe even sees him as a failure, guess who is the last person in the world he wants to be with? Since he feels he can never be good enough for her.

But if she looks for the good qualities in her husband, she can grow to respect and admire him. Then, her husband will enjoy being with her and want to be a better man for her. A wise person said: “To your husband’s good qualities be very kind, but to his faults and mistakes a little blind.”

Remember: “Running down your husband is bad for your heart, and his.” The fact is: “You can do more for him by correcting your own faults than by trying to correct his…If you spend most of your time improving yourself, you will have little time left to criticize your husband.”

Don’t forget, there is a big difference between us and buzzards and bees. Animals cannot choose their instincts and behavior, but we humans are able to choose what we think, say, and do. So if you have not been the encouraging, loving wife your husband needs, won’t you ask Jesus, and your husband, to forgive you? Then ask the Lord to take complete control of your heart, words and ways of treating your husband—so you can start changing into the woman and wife He created you to be, and that your husband needs. He will help you start seeing the good in your husband, who will then truly enjoy being with you and want to come home to you every day. Just think a minute…


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