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New Samoan film in production


A new Samoan feature length film is on its way.

Titled "Liliu le Taimi", it is written and directed by a 25 year old Samoan, Jordan P. Kwan.

"We're excited about completing this film," said Mr. Kwan.

"It's a collaborative effort by a group of young and talented Samoans who are passionate about developing Samoa's creative arts.

"It's important to see more of our stories on screen, and it's important for them to be told by OUR Samoan people FOR our Samoan people.

And with the advent of new and exciting technology, producing quality films has never been more accessible on a budget.

"The film is also the perfect creative outlet for many of our young Samoans -- such as myself -- whose talents lie outside sports," said Mr. Kwan in a press release.

"Don't get me wrong -- Samoa is well known for producing top quality athletes. "But our youth aren't just about sports.

We have talents that lie elsewhere, and the people who have contributed to this film, both in front and behind the camera, is testament to that."

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The film stars Ally Tupuola and Darren Tinai in the lead roles. Miss Tupuola, who hails from Siusega, is a recent graduate from the University of Auckland, and former Head Girl and alumni of Samoa College.

Mr. Tinai, of Aleisa and Lepea, is a student at the Auckland University of Technology, and an alumni of Robert Louis Stevenson.

"The movie is essentially a love story, but with a strong legal background," said Ms. Tupuola.

The film follows the story of protagonists William and Tiare, who work in an Auckland based law firm belonging to a successful Samoan lawyer. Scenes of the film also take place in Samoa.

"When the script was first developed, it was essential for Mr. Kwan to develop characters that were not only three dimensional, but also had knowledge based vocations.

And that's new. We believe in the need of developing screen content that portrays our Samoan people as high achieving individuals.

The goal is to implicitly inspire a new generation of Samoans to aim high in their lives," said Ms. Tupuola.

"While it is definitely modern, there are many running themes that our people can relate to and appreciate.

It's a love story, yes, but it's also a story about the endurance of the human spirit, and maintaining faith in God in the face of tribulations," said Mr. Tinai.

"Our Samoans will love it!" The film entered its pre-production phase early in January, with a release date currently unknown.

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