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Prominent figures ‘adjudged bankrupt’


Two prominent figures are among four people who have been declared bankrupt by the government.

Lawyer Tole’afoa Solomona Toa’iloa, of Tulaele, and Henry Wulf, of Tuana’imato, were named in a list of people “adjudged as bankrupts” by the government during the weekend. Others include Talitiga Fanueli, of To’omatagi, and Seumua Tavita Nikolao, of Leone.

A public notice signed by Oloipola Terrence Betham, as the Official Assignee, did not give details about each case. It confirmed, however, that while Tole’afoa was declared bankrupt in October 2013, Mr. Wulf became bankrupt on 6 December 2013.

Talitiga was declared bankrupt in April 2013 with Seumua in June 2013. Little is known about Talitiga and Seumua. But the same cannot be said about Tole’afoa and Mr. Wulf.

Their names have raised eyebrows in the community. A prominent figure in the legal fraternity who is arguably one of the best defence lawyers in Samoa, Tole’afoa is no stranger to the public eye.

He was once the leader of a group that opposed the government’s plan to switch the side of the road for vehicles to travel on.

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At the time, he announced his intentions to run for Parliament. He was extremely critical of how the government was being run, especially in relation to the switch.

Mr. Wulf on the other hand is a local promoter and owner of Pure Reggae. The businessman was one of the leading figures behind the UB40’s visit to Samoa during the 50th Independence celebration. He also helped bring to Samoa a number of other internationally recognised bands.

According to the public notice, under Section 138 of the Bankruptcy Act 1908, every person adjudged a bankrupt who does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Act shall be deemed to have committed and offence.

Upon conviction, he/she is liable to two years imprisonment.

The notice also declared that “all of the properties of the above bankrupts whatsoever and wheresoever situate shall vest in the Official Assignee as from the dates of adjudication.

“Each of the above bankrupts is hereby instructed pursuant to Section 58 of the Act to comply with the provisions of the Act and to the utmost of his powers aid in the realisation of his property and the distribution of the proceeds amongst his creditors as required under Section 60 of the Act.

“The above bankrupts are instructed to give an inventory of their property; list of creditors and debtors and of the debts due to them and from them as well as their contact addresses within 4 weeks of the date of this notice to the Official Assignee at the address above.

“The above are also required to attend a meeting with his creditors at a date and place as determined by the Official Assignee.”

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